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Wisdom Accidentally
A little wisdom and a little humor found in everyday life as a wife and mother in rural Missouri.
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By Susan Hillard
Iím Susan. Iíll be your guide on this adventure. As a married (since 1988) mother of three, Iíve accidentally found wisdom in the little, every day events of my life. And if not wisdom, at least Iíve found some laughs that I will share with you. I was born and raised on a farm and am now doing the same with my own children, Iíve found that each moment is a production of some sort. Drama. Adventure. Horror. Rarely a Chick Flick but always a Comedy. We are 4-H & FFA members, church-goers, sports-lovers and our hearts are faithful to agriculture and the good life it provides. Our life may seem random to some but to us, randomness is on purpose. Routine is boring. My goal is to never be routine. These stories will entwine my experiences with my children, family and friends and general observations about human nature.

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