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Life at 60 . . . looking at life on the slow side
What is it that 60-yr old people think of, including advice for my children
About this blog
By Red Barn
I grew up in Eastern North Dakota, and went to college at UND. I am currently teaching as a special education resource teacher in Minneapolis. I am married to a great second husband, who puts up with so much. I have one married son who is struggling to make a living in Minneapolis. He and his wife have 2 sons, ages 2 and 3, which is totally insanity, but also so much fun. I also have a newly married stepdaughter, who with her husband, is the proud 'parent' of a new puppy, 2 or 3 cats, a hamster, a college roommate still living in the spare room, and who knows what else they acquired in the last month.

I began thinking about blogging while e-mailing parenting advice to my daughter-in-law. Isn't that the typical Grandma/Mother-in-law? She graciously thanks me for all advice, but is also free to disregard anything I say.

I am also the lucky daughter of a very plucky and determined 96 year old mother.

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