I really like good news. I’m sure we are all ready to hear something encouraging, uplifting, and inspiring.

I really like good news.  I’m sure we are all ready to hear something encouraging, uplifting, and inspiring.  
When we constantly hear from negative Nancy, or turmoil Ted, our world can become tainted by a clouded view of life.  Sometimes when you are a cockeyed optimist, you are accused of seeing the world through rose-colored glasses.  But the good news of people loving people, paying it forward, and the kindness of a stranger can be like a glass cleaner on our life lens.   
 Not too long ago, I walked into Mother Road coffee to purchase a cup of java.  When I got ready to pay for it, someone had already paid it forward, and I was the recipient.  Perhaps it was just a small gesture, but it blessed my day.  I have an upcoming trip to Georgia, that has been prepaid.  At our recent fundraising dinner for Feeding, Incorporated, we were so blessed to see an overflow crowd that care about the poor and needy in our city and region.  I know there are problems out there, and sometimes they walk into our lives, but the good news is they also walk out.  There is hope for tomorrow.  Perhaps the sky is cloud covered today, but the sun will eventually come out.
I remember trying to encourage someone a few months ago, telling them that the dreams and hopes in their heart were possible.  The person got very angry and said they were not going to ever hope again, because it was too painful to be disappointed again.  
That is called “hope deferred” and the Bible says, it makes “the heart sick.”  I personally cannot live with a sick heart.  I have to dream; I have to hope; I have to believe that life can be filled with the joy of helping others.   
Here is one story that might encourage you:  A friend and I were driving to a meeting in Arkansas and we became thirsty.  So we drove through a fast food restaurant to get some unsweet tea.  As we pulled up to the drive-through, the still small voice of the Lord rose up in me and said I was to tell the girl at the window that the Lord was going to take care of her and that she did not need to worry about it.  She immediately began to cry.  I asked her what was going on.  She proceeded to tell me that she was single mom and was going to be homeless in a couple of weeks.  She didn’t know what she was going to do.  I asked what her name was and she told me.  She reached out her hand to me and I prayed for her assuring her the Lord had just spoken to her and He would do it.  She then gave us our tea, and we proceeded down the road to our destination.
I love this kind of good news.  
The Lord cares for us.  He knows what we are going through and already has a plan to fix it.  That kind of news will not be broadcast on our networks, but we can put it in our local newspaper.  Be an encourager.  Help someone else today.  You will begin to lose a self-focus and begin to sing a song of purpose.  There is much life to live out there.  
Venture out and see who you can bless today.