LAMAR, Mo. — Family members of Adriaunna Horton, the 12-year-old girl kidnapped from a Golden City park and murdered in 2013, say it was a tough decision, but they're happy that Bobby Bourne, the man accused of killing Adriaunna, will never walk free in this world again.

LAMAR, Mo. — Family members of Adriaunna Horton, the 12-year-old girl kidnapped from a Golden City park and murdered in 2013, say it was a tough decision, but they're happy that Bobby Bourne, the man accused of killing Adriaunna, will never walk free in this world again.
Horton was taken from Hazel Park on Aug. 19, 2013, in front of her two sisters while they were playing in the park less than a block from their grandparent's home.
Bobby Bourne Jr., 39, Lockwood avoided a possible death penalty with a plea agreement on Friday, but he will spend the rest of his life in prison.
Barton County Prosecutor Steven Kaderly, in a written release, said Bourne, 39, Lockwood, pleaded guilty to first degree murder and child kidnapping in a hearing before Judge James Journey in the Barton County Courthouse in Lamar Friday afternoon.
“Pursuant to a plea agreement between prosecutors and defense attorneys, done with the assent and approval of the victim's family, Bourne was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole on the murder charge, life imprisonment on the child kidnapping charge, and those sentences were ordered to run consecutively,” Kaderly said in a written release.
Larry Horton, Adriaunna's uncle, said his brother, James, Adriaunna's father, and Adriaunna's two younger sisters, made the decision to accept the plea agreement.
“Bobby had made the comment that he would plead guilty to first degree murder and kidnapping if the family was ok with that,” Larry Horton said. “So my brother and Adriaunna's two sisters and my dad had talked about it and my brother finally looked at my dad and said, it's been five years and it's time for justice. So being two consecutive terms of life in prison, without a chance of parole, my brother was happy with that, and I think everyone else is too.”

Crime and plea
Kaderly said at 4:55 p.m. on Aug. 19, 2013, 12-year-old Adriaunna Horton was playing in Hazel Park in Golden City, which is located less than a block from her home in the tiny town of less than 800 people.
Kaderly said Horton was seen by two other children who were also playing in the park getting into the front passenger door of a blue Ford Expedition driven by Bourne.
Horton's sisters ran to their grandparents' home and reported that Adriaunna had left the park with Bourne and the family began searching for her. They reported her missing to Barton County 911 dispatchers at 5:22 p.m.
Kaderly said at 7:05 p.m., Missouri State Highway Patrol Trooper Justin LeMasters observed a blue Ford Expedition traveling on Mill Street in Golden City. Bourne was the driver and he was arrested at that time for Child Kidnapping.
Kaderly said during “post-Miranda interviews,” Bourne admitted picking the girl up near Hazel's Park.
He later led investigators to the general area where her buried body was found.
Horton's body was found on Aug. 21, 2013 on a farm in rural Dade County, a short distance outside Golden City.
In 2013, family members said Bourne had worked with Horton's dad, James Horton in years past and Adriaunna had played with Bourne's children when the families lived close to each other.
Kaderly said Bourne admitted he was responsible for Adriaunna's death in a recorded telephone call with his wife.
Adriaunna's funeral on Aug. 28, 2013, filled the Golden City School Gymnasium, which normally holds about 300 people, with about 1,000 people.
Bourne has been in custody since his arrest on parole violations for previous criminal charges.

Family recovering
Larry Horton said he thinks about his niece every day and misses her greatly.
“She used to come out to the farm and ride horses,” he said. “She wanted to be around the horses and she always had a smile on her face. She never had a bad word to say about anyone, she never got upset. I always called her my little angel because she reminded me of an angel. She had open arms for total strangers, she'd go through the neighborhood there at home and ask if anyone needed help or if she could do anything to help them. She was a very loving, caring young lady.”
Larry Horton said Adriaunna's two sisters are coping with their loss and they've moved on with their lives, but they still carry the memory of their big sister.
The 2013 school year had started that day five years ago, and Adriaunna had just come home from her first day in sixth grade.
“My brother's other two girls, Lydia and Madison, they're doing good,” Larry Horton said. “They seem to be really happy with the verdict today, they seemed to be at peace with it. They're enjoying life and having fun, they see grandma and grandpa and they see us and they stay with their dad there in Golden City.”

Statement to the judge
Larry Horton said he made a statement in court to the judge on Friday, and he felt the judge heard his plea and took it to heart.
“I spoke from my heart, I said I hope that Bobby takes the time that he's in his cell for the rest of his life, to think about what he's done,” Larry Horton said. “And I told the judge too that I won't ever forgive him because in the Bible, you're not supposed to forgive for murder. I told the judge that I hope and pray one day our judicial system will change because there are so many of the people who hurt our children that get turned right back out on our streets. The people of our society nowadays are tired of it. Something needs to change, and I told the judge, I said today is your chance to make a difference. I said I have faith in you and I hope you make the best decision with what's in front of you that you can make today and start a change. I said I hope I don't offend anyone from what I said, I'm just speaking from my heart. When the judge gave two life sentences, consecutively, with no chance for parole, I thought, you know, here's the difference right now.”