Projects are colliding and overlapping for busy volunteers with the Vision Carthage Citizens Committee as the weather starts to warm and Spring finally pushes winter to the side.
Abi Almandinger is the volunteer coordinator for both Carthage in Bloom and Restoration Carthage, two projects under the auspices of the Vision Carthage committee.
Almandinger said she and Bryan Stringer had to push planting day for Carthage in Bloom back one week until Saturday, April 28, because of colder-than-normal weather.
Then, one week later, Almandinger's focus turns six blocks south on Grant as the Restoration Carthage project gets started in the 900 block of Grant Street.
Almandinger said volunteers are needed for both events.
“We need lots of volunteer help to plant flowers on the Courthouse lawn along the sidewalks, the base of the building and the monuments on the lawn,” Almandinger said. “We had to push planting day back a weekend because of the cold weather, so that runs into Restoration Carthage, where we also need a lot of volunteers, on May 5.”

Carthage In Bloom
Bryan Stringer, Almandinger's co-coordinator on the Carthage in Bloom project, said they hope the water lines for the drip-irrigation system will be installed from the building to the various locations where flowers will be planted sometime in the coming week.
Then, on April 28, volunteers will be planting a variety of kinds of flowers along the sidewalks and around the monuments and the flag poles around Carthage's centerpiece.
Stringer said Wilson Farms, one of the primary vendors at Carthage's Farmer's Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays, won the bid to provide the flowers for the project.
He said flowers to be planted include vinca, impatiens and begonias.
This past Saturday, April 21, Almandinger, Stringer and other volunteers continued digging along the sidewalks and in the flower beds around the flag poles.
Stringer said he and other were pulling out concrete bases that had been installed 30 years ago to fly flags along the sidewalks leading to the Courthouse entrances.
Almandinger said she and others had to remove the tulips that bloomed around the flag poles on the southeast corner of the Courthouse lawn because they had finally lived out their lives and someone had stepped on them at sometime in the past few days.
Volunteers will gather at 8 a.m. on Saturday April 28 to begin planting. Almandinger said people can come out and volunteer an hour or a few hours, whatever they can spare.
If people can volunteer during the week, Almandinger said the Fair Acres Family Y is also participating in Carthage in Bloom and working on weekdays.

Restoration Carthage
This will be the third year for the Restoration Carthage project, which has been focusing on the corridor along Grant Street between the Carthage Square Historic District and the Historic Homes District on Grand Avenue.
In 2016, volunteers focused their attention in the 600 and 700 blocks, helping homeowners with minor repairs, cleanup and other maintenance issues.
In 2017, the group moved to the 800 block of Grant.
This year, they're starting earlier in the year and moving to the 900 block of Grant.
In the past, the cleanup days have been in September and October.
Almandinger said she's been in contact with the homeowners in the neighborhood to determine what kind of help they could use.
She said workers will help with general cleanup, some powerwashing of some homes and other light maintenance.
Almandinger said Habitat for Humanity's Joplin chapter will bring volunteers and tools to help with minor repairs, and a large trash unit will be provided if people have large items they needing disposal.
Again, volunteers will gather at 8 a.m. in the 900 block of Grant and volunteers can come for however long they can stay to help.