Volunteers from the Restoration Carthage Committee, along with Habitat for Humanity Joplin will be back in the 800 block of Grand Avenue on Saturday helping paint and do other repairs to two homes in the neighborhood.
This is a followup to the Sept. 9 work day when volunteers got started on several projects.
People interested in volunteering can contact Project co-coordinator Abi Almandinger at 417-793-6589.
Lora Phelps, the other project co-coordinator, said the goal is to help residents of this neighborhood, which is on the route of the annual Maple Leaf Parade, keep up with maintenance on these older homes.
“Some residents are overwhelmed and not knowing where to start with a project, some are older, maybe disabled,” Phelps said. “So we're just trying to get a group of community volunteers to come together and do a little bit of work to help them spruce up their homes.”
Almandinger said the volunteers got some work done on Sept. 9 in preparation for the work this weekend.
“We did some cleanup with the landscaping, we've done some power washing, a lot of scraping on some houses to prepare for painting on the 30th,” Almandinger said. “The work on Sept. 30 will take a lot of elbow grease. We'd love to have your help, even if you can only help for two hours, that's great, but we's love to see you on Saturday, Sept. 30.”
“If people could bring paint brushes, paint scrapers, we'll be staining two decks,” Phelps added. “We'll be painting house, we'll be staining decks, and we'll be finishing up any landscaping.
The work in the 800 block follows up on work the committee performed in the 600 and 700 blocks of Grant last year.

Restoration Carthage is a subcommittee of the Vision Carthage Committee of residents formed after a 2011 series of community forums hosted by the  Drury University Center for Community Studies to create a vision to improve Carthage. The committee has worked on a variety of ideas, including way-finding signs, the Welcome to Carthage sign on the lawn of Memorial Hall and others.