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Jim Robertson, managing editor 

Couple of things that puzzle me: California is proposing a law that would lower the voting age to 17, while Jefferson City is proposing to increase the age for buying cigarettes to 21. Does that even sound logical? Smart enough to vote, but too stupid to stay away from cigarette addiction.

Congratulations and best wishes to Coach Martin on his quest to turn things around at MU. Did some checking on his past teams, and along with the good comes a recurring theme that his teams sometimes struggle on offense. With that in mind, perhaps he and Coach Porter can scour the offices over there to see if they can find a playbook and maybe some game film from Frank Haith's first year, which was the last time the MU men's team had a coherent offense. That team clobbered just about everybody they played and were a fun and exciting team to watch. MU now has the firepower and talent to run the same thing. Let’s hope they do. If not that, maybe the U-High Zip-a-Round?

“I think what Hank was trying to say in his April 18 editorial, 'The Trump enigma,' was 'even a blind sow finds an acorn.' ”

I'm calling in response to the Trib Talk call on Saturday where someone was requesting that you get rid of John Rosemond's child-rearing column. You know, I don't like all the columns in your paper, but I would never dream of suggesting, or in some cases demanding, that you drop the column. I personally, really like John Rosemond's column.

I am a consultant for several businesses around the state of Missouri, and in the weeks after last November's election I received calls from several of my clients giving me more business because they say they're more optimistic after the election and they're going to put more money into their business because of that. So the election did have a positive effect on the economy.

I hope you keep John Rosemond as a columnist. He's my favorite columnist. He has a lot of wisdom to share and his wisdom works in my experience.

On Monday, 60 percent of the front page is taken up with the story on steer sanctuary. Must be a tough news day. Or is it in preparation for Columbia becoming a sanctuary city for illegals? They're just setting the stage.

This is to predict that traditional Islam will become obsolete in the near future, if it does not undergo a reformation. I also predict that your paper will become obsolete if it continues to put political correctness ahead of free speech.

I did not know Judge Frank Conley, but anyone who can pass away and be lionized by both sides of the political spectrum had to be a credit to juris prudence.

I heard a bunch of people from Napa Valley whining about the streets in Columbia. Well, looks like the street department redid Eighth Street and did a great job. So I just wanted to put in some good news for a change.

There's no way in the world that the media could outdo Donald Trump when it comes to telling lies. He's a professional at it, and the newspaper reporters are not.

Now that Bill O'Reilly has been exposed as the sleaze bag that he is, President Trump says he doesn't think Bill has done anything wrong. So ladies, evidently, under the current administration, you're just sex toys.

According to the Washington Post, President Trump uttered at least 367 false or misleading claims during his first 81 days in office. It no longer matters whether he's crooked or stupid. The result is the same.