The Jasper County Sheriff's Department says a phone scammer is impersonating a Jasper County deputy...

The Jasper County Sheriff's Department says a phone scammer is impersonating a Jasper County deputy calling area residents claiming there's a warrant out for that person's arrest and demanding money. The Sheriff's Office issued a scam alert on Tuesday asking residents to be aware that a deputy will never call someone and ask for money in any form to clear an arrest warrant.
“We are currently investigating this scam but wanted to make the public aware of what is occurring,” the Sheriff's Office said. “Please remember to never give personal information to anyone over the phone or give numbers off of money cards to anyone over the phone.”
The sheriff's office said one of the phone numbers showing up when the scammer calls is 417-213-1403.
Jasper County Sheriff's Det. Tim Williams said people who received calls say the person calling claims to be a Jasper County Sheriff's Lieutenant or a Deputy. The caller says the person being called missed jury duty and has to pay $2,000 to avoid being arrested.
“We're trying to track the number down, but it's going to be extremely difficult,” Williams said.
When a reporter called that number, it was answered by a recording claiming to be the Jasper County Sheriff's Office and asking the caller to leave a name and number.
“The person calls identifying themselves as a Jasper County Deputy saying that there is a warrant out for the persons arrest and they direct the person to go get some kind of money card so the warrant will be removed,” the Sheriff's Office said. “During the conversation the caller tries to keep you on the phone while you get the money card and once the card is purchased they request the card number so they can get the money. Do not do this!! This is a scam; the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office will never call and ask for money or a card over the phone in reference to clearing a warrant!!”
Williams said anyone who receives a call from the scammer is asked to call Jasper County Dispatch at 359-9100 and report the call.