A Kansas City ex-doctor who had already spent time in prison for health care fraud has pleaded guilty in federal court to another health care fraud scheme during his time working at a medical clinic in Independence.

Wayne Williamson, 74, pleaded guilty in federal court Tuesday to health care fraud, admitting that he performed disability examinations for the Department of Veterans Affairs and falsely completed and signed examination forms as licensed physician.

Williamson had been a medical doctor but voluntarily surrendered his license in 2010 when he pleaded guilty to health care fraud, illegally distributing prescription drugs and harassing a state investigator. He was sentenced to three years in federal prison and permanently excluded from participating in Medicare or Medicaid programs.

According to court documents, after prison Williamson was a medical consultant at Industrial Medical Center on U.S. 40 in southwest Independence from at least early 2013 to early 2015. He performed disability examinations for the VA under IMC's contract with Logistics Health to determine the extent of veterans' impairments and eligibility for benefits. However, this was was in violation of Logistics' contract with the VA, which required that such examinations be conducted by credentialed providers and that examiners have a clear and unrestricted license and not be excluded from Medicare or Medicaid. Williamson conducted the exams after IMC's lone trained and licensed provider left in July 2013.

Logistics Health contacted the VA in April 2014 to report Williamson's fraudulent activity, which led to more than 200 claims from 53 veterans being re-adjudicated. Some veterans had to be physically re-examined.

Under terms of the plea agreement, Williamson must pay more than $39,000 to the government and faces up to 10 years in federal prison without parole. His sentencing will be scheduled at a later date.