I’ve been hacked, or should I say I was Hackered?

I’ve been hacked, or should I say I was Hackered?
Last week while I was in Ft. Myers, Florida John Hacker turned my column writing duties over to Bryan Stinger.
As avid readers of this column all three of you that Bryan paid some way over the top homage to yours truly. I will never leave town again. You just can’t trust anyone. So, now that I’m back in control it’s on to this week’s masterpiece.
You might ask why would anyone in their right mind be in Florida in June? Good question.
The answer; my wife and I went to the hottest possible place to be in the summer (and, it’s not even summer yet) to see our brand-new grandson. We, also, got to see our other two grandchildren whose parents have chosen to raise their kids in that oven. I guess there’s always a good excuse for doing anything.
Now that I’ve answered your question about my being in Florida in June I have a couple of questions for you.
Have you made reservations for our next play? It’s Neil Simon’s murder farce, “Rumors.” It’s hilarious, has a great cast, a great director, and it comes with a delicious meal. It opens on June 21 for only four performances.
Have you registered your third through eighth grade child to attend our Kids Summer Camp in July? We are going to have two fun-filled weeks teaching all aspects of theatre; acting, directing, hair and make-up, light and sound and a whole bunch more. We’ll feed them lunch everyday and get them out of your hair for a few hours a day. It starts July 23 and the kids will perform a play on August 4.
If the answer to either of the above questions is “No” then I ask you to ponder this – Why not? Time is running out for both, availability for both is waning, and unless you have a new grandson somewhere what better way to spend part of your summer?
If you do have a new grandchild you haven’t seen yet let me give you some good advice; if they live in Florida wait until December to go see them. If you go see them now they’re too young to know who you are.
You will only be another big person cooing at them. What they’ll be thinking is “Why in the world would you come to this oven in June?” You’re welcome.
Finally, thanks to Bryan for filling in with that great column last week.

Thanks for reading.