With Thanksgiving only a day away I’m sure we’ve all sat and pondered what it is we have to give thanks for this year.

With Thanksgiving only a day away I’m sure we’ve all sat and pondered what it is we have to give thanks for this year.  
I’m certain that most everyone has at least one thing for which they can express their gratitude. With the exception of just one thing, we here at Stone’s Throw Dinner Theatre have a very long list.
It was nearly one year ago today that we opened our 2016 Christmas play. It was the first play where we welcomed our patrons into our new, expanded lobby.
The sheetrock was not yet finished and painted, the new flooring was yet come and our newly paved parking lot was not actually finished until the second weekend of the play. But, our patrons were able to see the amazing progress that had been made in only a few short months.
The fruits of their generous donations to our Capital Campaign were now visible to them.
Our Patrons. We could not be more thankful for anything on this Thanksgiving Day.
They are the reason for everything that we have accomplished at Stone’s Throw since last November.  In addition to the success of our Capital Campaign we have experienced continuing growth in attendance.  
Support and recognition from the community as a whole has increased. We truly give thanks every day for the blessings we’ve received over the past year.
Oh yea, there is that one exception I mentioned. Something that perhaps there can be thanks given for next Thanksgiving.
I have it on good authority that the theatre manager is still grossly underpaid.
Speaking of said manager, he is available to take your reservations for this year’s Christmas play, “One Christmas Night.”  
As is usual, Chef Leann Cole has another great dinner planned and the cast has been working hard in rehearsals.
And, thanks to our aforementioned great patrons and their generosity our brand-new sound system is installed and ready to go.  
The play opens in little over a week and seats are going fast. So call 358-9665 and make your reservations before it’s too late.
Have a very Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for reading.

Stone’s Throw dinner theatre is located west of Carthage, 2466 Old Route 66 Blvd. “Like” the theatre on Facebook, or visit www.stonesthrowdinnertheatre.com. and learn more about the theatre.