Anniversaries are times when memories are center stage and it was no different at Dr. Tamara Soriano's reception to celebrate 25 years of owning Carthage Eye Care.

Anniversaries are times when memories are center stage and it was no different at Dr. Tamara Soriano's reception to celebrate 25 years of owning Carthage Eye Care.
Dozens of patients, family and friends attended the event at the Gaderian upstairs at the Lillian James Salon on Friday, including all her staff and friends who were instrumental in making Soriano's practice what it is today.
One of Soriano's two partners, Dr. Michelle Pyle, said she, Tami Soriano and the other partner, Dr. Torie Soriano, who is also Tami Soriano's daughter, thought of all who attended as family.
“I wanted to say thank you to Tami for, 25 years ago, taking a chance, and then taking a chance on me almost 15 years ago,” Pyle said. “I just wanted to say me, Tami and Torie wanted to say thank you guys for supporting us for 25 years. And we wanted to be able to mingle outside of the office setting to spend time with you guys.”
Tami Soriano also thanked the crowd and reminisced on the years that have gone by.
“It's been a journey, but I would never have dreamed, back then, we'd be three doctors big now,” Tami Soriano said. “We have all of our staff lined up around us here, and I started with one. Now I think there's nine of us. I appreciate you guys all coming tonight and I appreciate all your support the last 25 years.”

The start
Tami Soriano and her daughter, Torie Soriano, spent quite a bit of time Friday night with a family that helped Tami get started her in Carthage.
Dr. J.D. Roberts, am optometrist from Monett, attended optometry school at the University of Missouri St. Louis with Tami Soriano.
Accompanying him were his son and daughter-in-law, Mike and Aubrey Roberts, also optometrist practicing with J.D. Roberts in Monett.
In 1992, J.D. Roberts had started his practice in Monett, but he was also helping out one day a week in Carthage at the optometry office on the Square.
Roberts was aware that the optometrist practicing there was wanting to sell and he convinced Tami Soriano to take a look.
“I grew up in Monett and I was working there primarily and I was just filling in one day a week to help that gentleman out. I knew Tami had family in the southwest Missouri area and wanted to get into a private practice setting,” J.D. Roberts said. “I just made a comment that this would be a good one to look at to see if she was interested, and I'm glad she did.”

Parallel paths
The two families remained friends and their children grew up attending each other's ball games and spending time together.
“We grew up going to each other's sporting events,” Torie Soriano said. “Mike would come to Carthage to play basketball and they'd always go to Arby's after the game because they loved Arby's and they didn't have it in Monett. Then we went to college together.”
Torie Soriano and Mike Roberts ended up following the same path through the University of Arkansas and then to optometry school at the University of Missouri St. Louis.
Torie Soriano and Aubrey Roberts became friends at UMSL.
“Then Mike and I started dating,” Aubrey Roberts said.
“One time Aubrey and I were hanging out and she goes I have to tell you something,” Torie Soriano said. “I was like, yeah? And she said, I think I'm going to start dating Mike. I was like, WHAT!! And she was like, yeah, I haven't told anyone.”
“In a roundabout way, Torie brought us together,” Mike Roberts added.
Mike Roberts said he was very happy to see this anniversary and to see his life-long friend practicing with her mother.
“I'm just kind of soaking it up like a sponge,” Mike Roberts said. “It's weird being at a work thing because we always try to avoid talking about work, but it always comes up. It's great though, we're happy for Tami.”