Amelia Guinn, of Carthage, just wrapped up an unforgettable semester.

Amelia Guinn, of Carthage, just wrapped up an unforgettable semester.
As per one of her requirements as an international business major at Missouri Southern State University, Guinn had to study abroad. Taking full advantage of the opportunity, Guinn chose to spend an entire semester (her first experience in another country) at the University of Prince Edward Island in Charlottetown, Canada.
She left Dec. 29, 2015 and returned April 22, 2016 with a new perspective.
“I love talking about it,” she said with a big smile. “I studied business and Canadian history while I was there. The grading scale was completely different – they use numbers instead of letters; they use British-English system in writing – so I got points taken off for leaving out the 'u' in color … By the end of it I knew degrees Celsius … It was such a great trip, and I'm glad I got the opportunity. I met a ton of people from all over the world, and now they want me to come visit, and maybe I'll get to.”
Guinn, a 2013 Carthage High School graduate, advanced her education while checking off some items on her bucket list; like seeing the Northern Lights and driving a dog sled team.   
“Not many people around here have been to Canada, but they like it and want to learn about it,” she said. “And I ran into a lot of people up there that are very interested in American politics. I made friends from Australia, Mexico, Korea and France.”
Scrolling through her pictures from her semester abroad, Guinn noted there was always snow on the ground, and she had never seen so many foxes.
“It was just beautiful, but you have to like snow,” she said. “Snow would be up to my knee, but there wasn't ice or miserable cold. They have the road conditions down to a science. The only time they canceled class was because it snowed a lot in a short amount of time, and didn't have time to clear it.”

Leaving at 6 a.m., Guinn took flights from Tulsa to Chicago, then Ottawa to Halifax (where they missed their flight and had to spend the night) and then to Charlottetown the next morning. Prince Edward Island can be toured in two days, at least, that's how long it took Guinn.
“I would love to go back Charlottetown; it's got a big city feel but it's still small – you can walk wherever you need to go,” Guinn said. “It was good to come home but I loved it up there. It wasn't far, but still out-of-the-country and the only time they didn't speak English was in Quebec – and that was a completely different culture. They were entirely French.”
April 13 was Guinn's birthday, and her parents, Allen and Wendy Deitz, surprised her in Canada. They made the 4,000-mile round trip and drove back home – catching sights along the way; like Niagara Falls and even though it was 32 degrees, Guinn put her feet in the ocean.

The Future
Expecting to graduate next May from MSSU, Guinn says to never put limitations on anything.
“Two years ago, I never thought I would go to Canada,” she said. “Academics wise, I felt Carthage prepared me for college. I took dual credit courses, and my understanding is they now offer a lot more. That's awesome. But I'd like to tell high schoolers, you don't have to decide right now what you want to do. Things change, just embrace it and go with it. It'll be challenging and things you thought you'd love won't be what you wanted after all.”