Never underestimate the power of young hearts and helping hands.

Never underestimate the power of young hearts and helping hands.
Fairview Christian Church Pastor Tony Allmoslecher said every year he continues to be amazed by the impact youth make during GPS (God's People Serving). In its sixth year, the program serves the local community with beautification projects that kids can do. This year, more than 70 kids in six different crews rolled up their sleeves to paint houses, clean up parking lots and yards.
“Our church believes one of the best ways to love God is to love other people,” Allmoslecher said. “GPS is designed for kids, and we hope they realize it's good to work hard – especially when you get to help someone else.”
One participant, Nadya Housh, 11, said GPS was important to her.
“If people see we're helping maybe they'll want to come to church,” she said. “It's awesome to help people – we can make a difference in the city.”
The group's efforts have been noticed by members in the community.
“Fantastic work is being done,” said Holley Goodnight. “Drive by the old Mazzios - it looks amazing.”
GPS is about working hard, but it's also an opportunity for the kids to fellowship. Throughout the week, the crews work from 8:30 a.m.-noon, then they enjoy lunch together and take the afternoon off for swimming. Allmoslecher expressed his pride in families' participation.
“What's amazing is that some families will take their vacation time for this,” he said. “It's really exciting what people are willing to give up to help others.”