Families work hard, and work together during the Jasper County Youth Fair.

Families work hard, and work together during the Jasper County Youth Fair.
A prime example of this mentality could be found in the Boar Goats area with the Rockers family. This year, there were 109 goats at the fair – the Rockers claimed 26 of them.
“We love the fair,” said Lydia Rockers, 13. “I love being able to show my goats.”
Come every July, years of hard work are groomed, showcased, judged and introduced to the community. The four children of David and Dixie Rockers know the responsibilities of raising goats, and also find individuality with their small exhibits.  Whatever they pursue, they do it together.
“It's a family thing,” said Alyssa Rockers, 18, the eldest daughter. “The people at the fair are like our second family.”
Alyssa graduated from Carthage High School last May and is anticipating an exciting first year at Missouri State University-Columbia this fall. She plans on an accelerated major in Agri-business with a minor in Agri-communications. As she explained her upcoming busy schedule, next year's Jasper County Youth Fair was on the list.
“I'm planning on showing again next year because I love it so much,” she said.
She is a member of 4-H and the Carthage FFA, and this year she showed six goats and two small exhibits.
Hannah Rockers, 15, will be a sophomore at Carthage High School this fall. This year, she showed eight goats and six small exhibits. In her workload are five full-bloods, one of which is a mamma goat's sixth year at the fair.
“That doesn't happen very often,” Alyssa said.
Lydia will be an eighth grader at the Carthage Junior High School this fall. Something that is considered new territory among her siblings, is Lydia will be a member of the student council.
This year, Lydia showed six goats and nine small exhibits.
Brett, 10, will be a fifth grader at Carthage Middle School this fall. He showed six goats. As the baby of the family, and only boy, it was a bit emotional to talk about Brett moving on to the middle school.
“Isn't that silly,” Dixie said, tearing up, “it was worst than graduation. That's what they do, they grow up and move on.”