Eight of some of the most beautiful gardens in Carthage will be part of a tour on June 21.

Eight of some of the most beautiful gardens in Carthage will be part of a tour on June 21.
The Gardening with Grace Flower & Vegetable Garden Tour will begin at 9 a.m. Saturday, June 21 beginning at the Grace Episcopal Church. Tickets are available on the day of the event, or by calling ahead, with the proceeds benefiting the community garden.
“You don't have to be a gardener to appreciate all the hard work and effort someone has put into their yard or garden,” said Sherry Russow, one of the participants of the tour. “The people on this tour all take pride in their yards and are so pleased this tour is happening. They are welcoming and happy to answer questions. By seeing their gardens, you can tell they like to host people.”
Russow, who is the last stop on the tour at 1100 Olive St., knows what visitors on the tour will expect with each delightful home. Each garden has a uniqueness that gives visitors a peak of their host's personality.
“Right across from the church is a beautiful cottage garden,” Russow said of the second stop, 313 E. Chestnut, home of Charlene Uchtman. “The next [2111 E. Chestnut, home of Don and Susan Knost] has an eclectic feel with a western look.”
Russow described the fourth stop, 8858 County Road 85, home of Mark and Rhonda Lashley, as place where a love for the outdoors is embraced. The next, 1410 S. River St., home of Jerry and Lisa Cobaugh, has beautiful spaces and feels inviting. Russow also enjoyed seeing the home of Mike and Gaile Shimon, 1423 S. Maple.
“They use their spaces well and the yard is well manicured,” she said. “You can tell from the front that the back is going to be neat.”
The home of Tim and Kem Butts, 1103 W. Centennial, features a lovely cottage garden.
“I think it's adorable,” Russow said. “It's loaded in flowers.”
Russow's home is the eighth and final stop with co-host with Steve Erwin.
“He works so hard on this, but it's his passion,” she said. “This was my grandmother's garden, and we do this for us. But, we just hope people can come out and enjoy it too.”