“Not everybody is doing it.”

“Not everybody is doing it.”
Last Wednesday, members of the Carthage In Action (CIA) high school club made a presentation to students at the Carthage Junior High School.
In a vulnerable time of transitioning to the high school, CIA members felt compelled to share the message that “not everybody is doing drugs.”
“People are older and want to be more mature in high school and are more likely to bend to peer pressure,” said CIA member Kathleen Paxtor, CHS junior. “I have friends that I've seen under the influence of marijuana and it's not good. At the junior high, we just want to tell them that not everybody is doing it, it's not the cool thing to do and it's not safe.”
CIA has visited other Carthage schools this year with anti-drug messages as well. Next year will be Paxtor's fourth year in the club, and she says it's a good cause to be a part of as well as fun.
“We learn from a small age that drugs are bad, we just need reminders,” she said. “I like to volunteer – and CIA helps a lot of people. It's really fun.”