Hundreds of hungry catfish have been sitting in a tank with no food in Osage Beach for two days before Wednesday.

Hundreds of hungry catfish have been sitting in a tank with no food in Osage Beach for two days before Wednesday.
On Wednesday, Gary Pinson, with Osage Catfisheries Inc., released those fish in Kellogg Lake.
"They'll be hungry on Saturday," Pinson said. "They're all about 12 inches and they're ready to be caught."
Hundreds of fish have been added to Kellogg Lake in Carthage in preparation for the 13th annual Kids Fishing Day, an event that has become a traditional day of family fun in the great outdoors.
In past years 600-800 children, ages 15 and under, accompanied by adults, have signed up and set their lines in the lake to pull out a lunker.
And thanks to the Kellogg Lake Board and the Missouri Department of Conservation, who paid for the lake to be stocked with up to 1,000 new fish, most kids do not come away empty handed.
"The lake is closed for fishing right now and it'll open up the day of the event," said Kevin Badgley, a coordinator of the event with the Missouri Department of Conservation. "Over 1,000 head of catfish have been put in there so there are lots of fish for the kids to come out and catch. The event lasts from 8 until noon and we'll have education events, the kids can come and learn about conservation."
Booths will be set up in the park near the pavilion on the lake's western shore.
Young people will sign in at the pavilion and then they have the opportunity to look over educational and fun booths showing how watersheds absorb pollution, how to fly fish, how to shoot a bow and arrow and many many more.
"There are all kinds of events including learning about water sheds and how to protect our resources here and be good conservationists," Badgley said. "We've got free refreshments as they last and also, as the kids attend the education stations, we've got a prize giveaway."
The National Weather Service is calling for a chance of rain on Saturday, but Badgley said the event will go on rain or shine.
"If there is rain, most likely we'll just hold back on some of the educational activities and those that we can't have out in the rain," he said. "But the fish will be in the lake and we will have bait so we'll be out here rain or shine. If it's lightning and things like that we won't be out but folks will be able to come out and fish throughout the day."