Ross Gipson would describe himself in several ways – he's an artist, musician, a thinker … Some would say, an inspiration.

Writer's Note: In August 2011, I wrote about Carthage native Ross Gipson and his plans on attending Charlotte School of Law, in Charlotte, N.C. At the time, his quote “don't be scared to push the envelope,” was part of the headline. This May, he graduated. The following is a follow-up to Ross and his ambitions as he continues to push the envelope.

Ross Gipson would describe himself in several ways – he's an artist, musician, a thinker … Some would say, an inspiration.
After conquering a serious case of childhood cancer, Ross graduated from Carthage High School in 1999. He went on to graduate from Missouri Southern State University in 2004 with a bachelor's degree in English, minoring in philosophy. Then, he faced an incredible challenge at Charlotte School of Law, Charlotte, N.C., and graduated this May. This accomplishment is one Ross is most proud of; there were moments when he thought he wouldn't make it through.
“The entire time,” Ross said, describing when times were most challenging. “Law school was by far the hardest thing I have ever done, and there was at least one class, or one paper, or one moment each semester where the work I had to do and the time I had to do it in didn't match up too well. It always seemed to be a practice in futility, but I got through it somehow, and all it cost me were some gray hairs.”
He was not alone, though. He ended up being the one who encouraged struggling classmates.
“My first semester, there were two people who were struggling with legal writing, and I mentored them through it all,” Ross said. “They both came very close to failing out, and they both joined me on the graduation stage a few weeks ago. I was very proud of them. After they succeeded many others would call and text me to get my ideas on upcoming tests and papers. I soon became a 'go-to' guy for law school help.”
The phrase, “push the envelope,” is one of Ross's life mottos, and it keeps him motivated to better himself in a variety of ways.
“I try,” he said. “I continue to draw and make music like always, but now I have a wonderful woman in my life, and I have inherited an excellent family as a result. It has been rewarding, time consuming, but rewarding.”
So what's the next adventure for Ross?
After taking the Bar Exam July 28-29, Ross plans on taking a position with a law firm in Illinois. He says lately his interest lies in fundraising, and an organization called the Hole in the Wall Gang Club.
“Success depends less on knowledge and largely on effort,” he concluded. “Ultimately it's not what you know, it's whether you're willing to sweat.”