A small collection of projects portrayed some brilliance at the high school this week.

A small collection of projects portrayed some brilliance at the high school this week.
On Thursday, Project Lead the Way seniors showcased their final projects in the commons area. Projects in biomedical sciences and engineering were presented by the seniors who have participated in PLTW for four years to visitors and fellow students. Projects were representations of the student's ambitions for the future, keen interests, based off of personal experiences or an intriguing combination. CHS senior Laken Baird's project turned heads, and peaked the interest of Shawn McGrew, with Freeman Health Systems.
Baird presented the “Hallux Functionality Brace for Athletes,” which would enable athletes to continue playing their sport with an affected tendon of the flexor hallucis longus. She came up with the idea when she sprang her toe last June and doctors told her there was nothing (besides surgery) that could be done, but play through the pain.
“Your toe seems like a small thing until it hurts and then that's all you can think about,” she said. “I used this brace from June to February playing soccer and it worked. When they did an MRI it showed fluid built up and it wasn't broken. What's exciting about my brace is that there is nothing like it right now for any athletes. This could go on a much bigger scale, like the college and pros could use this without losing a season to surgery.”
The instructor for the CHS PLTW, Chris Adams, said he expected there to be impressive projects among his students because that's what the course encourages.
“Around the country projects from Lead the Way like these are patented and large companies buy and use them,” he said.
This program is not taken for granted among the students.
“Not every school is able to do what we do, and I'm grateful for that,” said senior Kevin Johnson. “I love coming to class and getting the opportunities we have here on a higher level. These classes are getting you ready for college. Mr. Adams is a great teacher, and he'll bring up emails from previous students who say they're so much farther ahead than other students in their college classes because of what we do here.”

Seniors & Projects
Mikayla Hainline – Glucose Test App
Elizabeth Burken and Sydney Harlin – Stationary Newborn Thermometer Probe Cover
Vanessa Pawlak – On Guard Gum
Ashlee Novinger – SD X-Ray
Mirka Merida and Sidney Vogt – Heating Spandex
Mariah Thrasher – Vicks Pillow
Laken Baird – Hallux Functionality Brace for Athletes
Sierra Barrett and Alisha Boswell – S&A Dental Floss
Taylor Vaughn – Automated Dispenser Brush
Shelby Swinehart – Liveproof Waterproof Cast
Amy Keller – Hot Skin Detector
Kiel Denniston – Eye of Life
Alyssa Rockers – Alert Me Baby
Kevin Johnson – Eye Balm
Carmen Garcia and Jacqueline Pivaral – Wrist-amaze Brace

Tyler Howrey – Duck & Cover
Kaley Ledford – Tennis Out Loud
Ashley Sortors – The Wall Sponge
Koltin Greene – Portable Drafting Desk
Clarence Hill – Airsofting
Matt Vantrease – Homemade Soda