There was no better way to end his high school speech / debate career.

There was no better way to end his high school speech / debate career.
Carthage High School senior Brandon Splitter brought home the Missouri State Champion plaque in Extemporaneous Speaking. Partnered with Cherith Parnell, junior; Carthage also brought home fourth place in policy debate.
“When my name was announced, the sound in that room was deafening,” Splitter said. “It was easily the best moment in my four years. That moment made all the time and hard work worthwhile.”
When reflecting on his speech/debate career, Splitter said he almost missed the whole experience from a bit of intimidation.
“I didn't initially sign up for the class my freshman year,” he said. “The last day of the two-week grace period, I switched over to speech/debate. I had seen how hard my brother [Blake Splitter] and Austin [Bunnell] worked and how much time it consumed. I was nervous about getting into all that my freshman year. But, at that last moment it seemed like it would fit.”
And fit it did.
After four years of practicing intense research, working with others and speaking to crowds on countless subjects, Splitter was able to find determination and confidence in himself in his last moments of competition.
“I was in the same room of a guy that had won at nationals, and I thought 'I'd really like to beat that guy,'” Splitter said. “There were a couple other guys being really cocky, and I thought, 'yeah, I'd really like to beat them too.'”
Out of three topics to choose from, Splitter spoke on the question, “Is the threat from China to the future security of the U.S. exaggerated?” He only had 30 minutes to prepare to give a seven-minute speech with no notes.
The result was the best as it could have been.
Splitter was willing to share some advice to future generations.
“Just follow what you love,” he said. “There was no way I was going to get up at four in the morning to go do something for eight, 12 hours, if I didn't like it. That's how you stay happy – it's not about the awards, or seeing your name carved in anything. Finding success in what you love is what makes you happy.”
Ending his overall high school career with a bang, Splitter earned the class rank of second for the Class of 2014. He has advanced to the national level to compete in History Day. In FBLA, he won second place at districts in business calculations. On top of all that, Splitter was also recognized as “Honorable Mention” in the 2014 Missouri Scholars 100.
Brandon Splitter is the son of Anthony and Kim Splitter. He plans on attending Missouri State University-Columbia to pursue a computer science degree with an emphases on cyber security.
“It peaks my interest because the industry is always changing,” Splitter said. “I don't think there will ever be dull moment.”