It's busy and exciting times for a Carthage mom.

It's busy and exciting times for a Carthage mom.
Summer (Hunt) Lawman is a Carthage mother of six, a business owner, has recently lost 33 pounds, and two years ago completed her business management degree. It's never dull, but Summer says that's life as she knows and loves it.
She started Custom Candy Creations, her home-based candy shop, in 2004 when she realized she needed more flexibility in her work. She established a website, which is continuously tweaked, and the business has thrived.
“I've been in every major country,” Summer said with a humble smile.
“Mostly we ship to Canada, but my candy has been in, yeah, just about every major country in the world.”
It's been a learning process. Summer laughed as she remembered her first sale across the Canadian border.
“I shot myself in the foot,” she said, “I didn't look at the shipping costs, and they got U.S. shipping prices. So, yes, I had to eat that one. We started out so itty bitty, using recycled packaging – it was all clean – but we've grown and changed.”
With some innovation and useful tools, Summer now produces on an average of 500 suckers a week. Her husband, Bryan, has helped in many capacities, including producing the sucker stands.
“The family loves it,” Summer said. “The kids like to tell their friends they have a candy shop behind the house.”
Summer can make just about anything into a sucker with her 145 custom molds, in any of her 63 flavors. She says any occasion is fine, and challenges are welcome.
“If someone says 'I have a crazy idea,' I'm like, 'Yes!'” Summer said. “My favorite thing is the custom-made. If people can think it up, I can usually do it.”
One of the largest projects Summer has filled was an order for 2,000 long-stem rose suckers to be shipped to Los Angeles, Calif., for an end-of-season party for The Bachelor show.
“I was pretty hyped about that one,” she said.
Summer has made a saltwater taffy sucker for a local child with Cystic Fibrosis; autism awareness suckers, wedding suckers, unicorn suckers, sports suckers – even a squirrel sucker!
Custom Candy Creations can be found at Or, there are stands at Humble Pie, Rumor Has It and Annie's Epicurean Delights.

More About Summer
Summer graduated from Carthage High School in 1996 and lived in Florida for 15 years. After rekindling ties with her high school flame, Bryan, she and her four children moved back to Carthage to start a new life with him and his two children. The family now consists of six kids, ages from first grade through a senior about to graduate, two fish tanks, two dogs and three cats.
In May, Summer's mother will graduate from Labette Community College with a physical therapy degree, and Summer's daughter, Connor Reece, will graduate from Carthage High School. Connor plans on attending Missouri State University for a journalism degree.
Summer said she extremely proud of her family.