A country girl lives in Carthage now.

A country girl lives in Carthage now.
Ada Terry, who will turn 95 on April 4, moved to Carthage six years ago when her husband, Lawton, passed away. They just missed 70 years together by three months; marking a life full of love in Sarcoxie.
Ada was born in 1919 as one of seven children to Charlie and Nora Cramer in Sarcoxie. Her grandparents were Robert and Alice Lamb, and Daniel and Ada Cramer. Out of her four brothers and two sisters, she is only one still living. In 2005, Ada's brother, Nelson Cramer, was murdered in Sarcoxie. Ada said that tragedy persuaded her to move in town.
But she holds onto her many happy memories.
“I could write a book about all the things that happened on that hill,” she said with a chuckle.
Ada attended Independence School, as did three generations of her family.
“I was four when I started school because I cried and wanted to go,” she said. “The school is still standing, and as far as I know and they still have church there.”
She attends Valley Street Church of God, where her piano skills are very much appreciated. She knows “a good part” of all the hymns all by heart.
“I say people can do a lot if they just try,” she said. “God gave me a talent, I guess, because I never had a lesson.”
Ada first learned to play on a pump organ.
“I've played ever since I can remember,” she said. “We used to sing in school and we just had a blast. Every time we got together we had a good time.”
She has no particular favorite hymn, and will play any time of any day.
“It's just part of me,” she said with a shrug. “You can get enjoyment out of playing – I have time to have a good time.”
Another skill Ada enjoys is sewing – All kinds of sewing styles in all kinds of crafts.
“I give them away when I get too many,” she said, picking up a big, multi-colored block quilt. “My family sent me all these pieces from Texas … I don't believe in just sitting idle.”
Ada shared she was about 12 when she made her doll a coat, and she was 13 when she surprised her mother with a new dress.
“It fit her perfect,” Ada said, “She said, 'from now on you can do the sewing.'”
In conclusion, Ada gave some advice on how to live a good, long life.
“Live right, serve the Lord and work hard,” she said.