Thoughts on Unity and Universality

E Pluribus Unum.  Latin for “from many One.”  This is the motto of the United States.  It is on the great seal of the United States, which is on the back of one dollar bills

UNI-ted also means ONE.  From many states and many peoples, ONE Country, ONE Ideal---the intent of our founding fathers.  At the time the seal was developed and the constitution written, the country was made of immigrants from England, Scotland, Ireland, France and Germany.  Shamefully, the founding fathers did not think of the Native Peoples as being part of the One.

Now, many, many schools have students from 80, or more different countries in their student bodies.  At high school and college level, schools participate in Exchange Student programs to promote understanding and promote peace.

It is a wonderful way to humanize “others” and appreciate we are all brothers and sisters living on one fragile planet.  We are ONE race---The Human Race.  We come in may colors, speak many languages, have many different beliefs, but we are all human, with the same needs for clean water and air, for food and shelter, for security and love.

If a person believes in One Creator who created One Earth with multiple creatures how can that person perceive other people or creatures as enemies?  Are we not all children of the same Creator: therefore brother and sisters?

In his first Christmas message, Pope Francis has asked all religions and atheists to set aside difference, and to work toward Peace.  To protect and provide for the vulnerable and to accept differences.  He is opposed to violating the earth by fracking. 

I am not Catholic, but I am catholic.  With a small “c” catholic means “universal, inclusive, comprehensive, diverse, eclectic, all-embracing, having wide interests and sympathies, liberal (yes, I know a few people regard “liberal “ as a perjorative). 

My family has been Pro-testant since the 1500’s, when it was dangerous to challenge a corrupt church.   However, I recognize a good man when I see one.  Francis is a good man.  He is cleaning out the corrupt hierarchy.  Pope Francis is a humble Pope, a Pope beyond the Vatican, beyond being Time’s Man of the Year.  He is a Pope of and for The People.  A Pope who lives simply, who loves the outcast, who Lives the Gospel.  He understands E Pluribus Unum---we are many and varied but we are One.

May his message touch the hearts of all in 2014.  Namaste.