Well, here we are again it is the last column for 2013 and so it is time for our annual Top 10 for Boonville this year. There were lots of great things in town this year and these are just a few that have stuck in our minds.

10.  The City received funding to assist with renovation on the second Kemper building, Science Hall. This building will be used by State Fair to offer more classroom space. It is awesome that we will have another building on the Campus operations; and maybe even more awesome is that State Fair is full of students and needs more space.

            9.   KWRT celebrated its 60th birthday. Congrats to them, they are truly a community institution and provide an essential outlet for business and community groups to market and raise awareness.

            8.   Boonville, the Katy Trail and Warm Springs Ranch had a four page article in Midwest Living, a magazine with a circulation in the hundreds of thousands.

            7. Boonville was featured on the show American Pickers, which generated great buzz for the Bridge and Boonville.

            6. Missouri Preservation held their Statewide Conference in Boonville this year; we got to showcase our amazing historical gems; recognize the hard work and contributions of those in Boonville who have rehabilitated and saved historic structures in town; and they had record attendance for the three day conference. (I also got to welcome beautiful Bearrow into the world around this time, so it was even better for us Fjells!)

            5. Thanks to the great comeback performance by the Missouri Tigers, hotels were full for the football season with visiting SEC fans and our bed tax collection is up from last year.

            4. The Katy Bridge officially become the property of City of Boonville in February of 2013!

            3. This year Downtown Boonville had 5 new businesses open and several expansions. This is a great investment in Boonville’s front door!

            2. Boonville citizens approved a 1% increase in our bed tax, which will help us continue to grow our tourism industry.

            1. Two years after a devastating fire, UOI broke ground on their new building. Kudos to them for their hard work, persistence and dedication to making this dream happen.

It has been a wonderful year for Boonville! Cheers to everyone for their hard work, dedication and commitment to making Boonville a great place and here’s to an even better 2014! Play Local, Shop Local and Go Boonville!