Next week is the week! Set your Tivos or DVRs to record the American Pickers episode on Wednesday, December 18th which will feature Mike and Frank’s visit to Boonville, Missouri. They picked Pam Davis and Stanley Thomas’s property in Downtown Boonville this past August. The show will be on at 8PM on the History Channel. This episode for us Boonvillians will be especially bittersweet to watch since Pam passed away shortly after filming the episode. She was a true Boonville champion and a woman with a can-do spirit so we all miss her.

There will be several watch parties all around town at restaurants and living rooms across town, so hopefully if you don’t have cable you will be able to watch it with friends somewhere! Check for details about watch parties and promos on the Boonville, Mo Tourism Facebook Page as details come available. Of course, none of us have seen the episode yet, nor are we privy to what they purchased from Pam and Stan, so we are as excited to see this episode as you all are.

This is the second time this year we have received national attention. In the fall Midwest Living did a story about the Boonville and the Katy Trail and had a cover story picture featuring Warm Springs Ranch. The Tourism Office was inundated with phone calls and sent out numerous packets, thanks to the story. This story equaled approximately $300,000 in advertising for Boonville and the Katy Trail! American Pickers in Boonville will be another National advertisement for Boonville; it is sort of like a 30 minute commercial!

Kudos to everyone in the Tourism Office for their efforts to get the national spotlight on Boonville. And of course, a giant thank you to Pam and Stan for being preservationists and believers in the Downtown. Pam, we miss your spunk and your attitude; hopefully all of us will follow your example and carry on your work and legacy-  what an amazing tribute to Pam a renovated, vibrate Downtown filled with locals and tourists alike enjoying all of Boonville’s amazing treasures. Play Local, Shop Local and Go Boonville!