Not to sound pessimistic, but after last year I had to wonder if Missouri’s move to the SEC was a wise one. I am not a diehard football fan or anything, but I am usually up for “rooting for the home team.” And it was hard to be a Missouri fan last year; I think some folks were feeling even a little sheepish donning their Mizzou attire.

It is a whole new year now though. We all will get a chance to root for Missouri this weekend in the SEC championship game. So for all of us “home town” fans, it is a good year to be a Mizzou fan. They have come a long way this year and have overcome adversity to get to the championship game. This year sounds a little bit like a future underdog sports movie (or which I am a big sucker for) like Miracle, Rudy, and Hoosiers. Typically, Americans love a comeback story, so I am happy to have the Missouri Tigers be a comeback story for this year.

A good comeback takes hard work, planning, a never give up attitude and a little bit of luck. Here in Boonville, I think we are poised for our own little comeback. It has been a tough couple years for Boonville, but things are looking up. There will be some big changes to Boonville in the next year. First, after years of work, another building at Kemper will be occupied! State Fair Community College is growing and they need more space. We were fortunate to get some federal money to assist us in the rehabilitation of Science Hall, for additional classroom space. This building will house IT training courses, which I believe will benefit those who are looking for jobs in the new market and needing to learn a new skill sets.

Additionally, construction will begin soon on the first phase of the Katy Bridge, which will allow us to walk over the river. The Katy Bridge will be a great asset for us, bringing more tourists into town and creating yet another Boonville treasure.

Boonville is ready for a comeback, but it will take all of us. We need to believe in our town, our people, and our opportunities. Happy holidays and enjoy the festivities this weekend and Go Tigers! Play local, shop local, and Go Boonville!