The end of a year sometimes brings the end of much more for many years.

The end of a year sometimes brings the end of much more for many years.

For Lynn Shelley, Wednesday marked the end of a nearly-23-year career with the city of Carthage, the last several spent as the city's chief building codes enforcement officer.

Several dozen people, including her husband, the long-time city street supervisor before he retired in 2008, Tom Shelley, and other family, turned out to wish Lynn Shelley a happy retirement and thank her for her years of service to the community.

Carthage Mayor Mike Harris presented Shelley with a plaque thanking her for her years of service.

“One of the things that has made it easy being mayor is that we have all these wonderful city employees and we truly do,” Harris said. “One thing that's important is that we have a lot of continuity and we don't have a lot of turnover and that's good for the employee and it's also good for the city.”

Shelley said she started out with the police department and worked there for seven years before moving to the engineering department before it became the Public Works Department.

“I wish to thank a lot of people because I've had the privilege of working with some very fine people,” Shelley said. “I've gone through five bosses, a period of no bosses, several Mayors, and I've really enjoyed all of it. My job is different very day and it's been a challenge. It's really been fun and I've been blessed to have such a really good job and such good people to work with.”

Michael Bisbee has been appointed to take Shelley's position.