Winter again in ND

Ready or Not – It’s Winter Again

          We in the upper Midwest know it would be arriving sooner or later.  It happens every year with varying amounts of intensity.  We say we are getting ready but seldom feel we are.  We often ready our children and our homes and our vehicles before we prepare ourselves.

          The “it” is winter of course.  And it is a capital “IT”.   Compared to most years, winter with a snowfall of 3 inches for the first go-round arrived in Devils Lake later than usual.  The accompanying cold temps though were of an intensity usually reserved for January. 

          As the landscape changed to white, our conversations changed.  “Cold enough for you?” is the fallback question of the day.  The next is “Did you finish ___________?” with the blank being adaptable to whoever you speaking.  If the individual is an ag producer, the blank is usually filled in with “harvesting the corn or beans or sunflowers”.  If the addressee is an individual known for their extravagant vegetable garden, the blank might be completed with “bringing in your pumpkins”.  If a new home is on the work order, the blank might be completed with, “pouring the basement”.

          Our lives, our attitudes, our travel plans will revolve around the weather for what we hope is a short winter, an open winter, a mild winter.  When asked why we live in such an intemperate climate, we might reply that it “keeps the riff-raff out” or “we can keep our doors unlocked” or “it’s better than such and such a place”.   I think it is due to all those reasons plus one more.  We are North Dakotans and being ready is what we do.