I admit it, I am a crazy pet parent. Our dogs, Oliver and Olivia are pretty pampered. They are so spoiled, that sometimes, on their walks, we carry them.  I do buy them outfits.  They have matching scarfs, shirts and dresses for all holidays. And yes they have Halloween costumes.  I was recently checking out new costumes for them and I started thinking back to past Halloweens.

There was a simpler time, when you didn't buy costumes for anyone, especially your dog. You dug in your parents closet, went to the thrift shop, or got out your sewing machine and whipped something out of scraps of material or rags. Those where the  years you saw lots of hobos, gypsies, ghosts, cowboys and Indians, all out knocking on doors, shouting "Trick or Treat", while holding open a pillowcase.

Candy was a bit different in the good old days.  Lots of Mary Janes, wax lips, and those little wax coke bottles with a sweet syrupy liquid inside that was sure to keep you awake for hours. Chocolate had been invented, however, no one gave away anything chocolate. Popcorn balls were my favorite.  Our next door neighbor, Mrs. Bell made the best ones.  She used real sorghum and popped the corn in an iron skillet.

Well enough of strolling down Elm Street (Memory Lane)... Americans will spend right at 7 billion dollars on Halloween this year, 2 billion on candy and 300 million on pet costumes. That averages out to $72 per adult.  Looks like Halloween is not only scary and fun, but good for the economy. So don't be spooked, get out and spend that $72 locally. Buy local, play local and have a safe and happy Halloween. Go Boonville!