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My cousins, one sister and one aunt I grew up with in Chillicothe.
My cousins, one sister and one aunt I grew up with in Chillicothe.
By Gary Thomas
Oct. 18, 2013 1:49 p.m.

I don't know what I was about cousins, but when we got together in my childhood we told scary stories. I learned at an early age that being under my "Magic Blankets" was the safest place to be! It always seemed that the oldest cousin had the scariest stories.
The first time I heard the Golden Arm story, I spent months deep within my bedcovers. "I want my arm!" is all I could hear in my head as I laid there. I looked under the bed and in the closet before I got into bed each night. Sometimes, I would even open the drawers in my dresser. Then, I tucked the blankets under my feet and legs, pulled them up over my head, and tucked them under the rest of my body. If I saw even a glimmer of light, I re-tucked the blankets. I probably looked like a cocoon!
Mom always said I would suffocate under there. I didn't care, I was safe for the night and I couldn't wait until morning. When my parents stayed out late... now those were the scariest nights. I taught myself how to breathe really quietly when I heard a noise and I sometimes held my breath if the noise seemed closer. The only time I showed my face was when I broke wind and couldn't stand it! Though others laughed, I really was afraid and I couldn't control my fear.
To this day I still sleep with the covers under my chin whether it is hot or cold. My wife asked me once why I slept like that and I had to tell her. I do breathe better with my head out as mom said I would! As I grew older and started spending the night with friends most of those fears went away. New fears of the real world became more relevant and began to steer my life. I suppose it happens to most of us as we go through life.
I have finally reached an age where my fears are handled differently. Fear of Death and Hell were everpresent as I reached adulthood. But at the age of thirty-three, I found something everyone needs to find. With it, there is a overwhelming Power in my life that now allows me to push fears aside. I thank my Saviour for it.
It truly is sad that we sometimes carry needless fears for so long in our lives. Looking back with today's knowledge, I think I would have been able to get past them easier. If I had known the truth as a child, my fears would not have led me down a few wrong paths as I grew.
All those scary tales from my childhood are behind me now. We now have so-called horror movies being created and available for mass distribution without end. I do not watch them, it's not because they scare me; it's because they are just plain wicked. I can now live with my head out from under my Magic Blankets. The Magic I now have is within me...

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