The last few weeks I'm been writing about the Missouri Preservation Conference and the Legacy Awards.  The Friends of Historic Boonville were recognized during the conference, for their commitment to historic preservation.  The Friends maintain several historic properties, the Hain House and Gardens, the Old Cooper County Jail and Hanging Barn and of course, Thespian Hall, where the awards luncheon was held.  I thought it would be fun to display some period clothing that could have been worn to events at Thespian Hall over the last 150 years or so. Winky Chesnutt kindly loaned us four beautiful dresses on dress forms that we placed on display.

I picked up the dresses on a Thursday night a week before the conference.  With help from a Friends volunteer, I placed them at the back of the stage in one of the dressing rooms. The dresses all had descriptive head pieces that were to be placed on the forms.  I lined the head pieces on a shelf to coordinate with the dresses, just so I would keep everything straight. This is where the story gets interesting. A few days later, the same Friends volunteer goes in to get the hall ready and walks past the dressing room.  Seems the dresses are no longer in a straight line, but are now facing each other. Stranger still, a few hours later, a glance into the dressing room finds only three dresses.  One had mysteriously moved across the hall.

On Saturday, October 19, I plan to ask "Who's been playing with Winky's dresses?"  And I'm thinking, I might get an answer back.  I'll be attending the Paranormal Investigation by the Columbia Paranormal Society, sponsored by the Friends of Historic Boonville.  Don't miss out!! The investigation will be at Thespian Hall from 7 to 10 PM.  Registration is limited to just 30 people and I know tickets are flying out of the Old Jail like ghosts on All Hallows Eve. Cost is $40.  Be brave, face your fears and call 660-882-7977. For other ghostly tales, check out The Haunted Boonslick, Ghosts, Ghouls and Monsters of Missouri's Heartland by Mary Collins Barile.  The book is available online or call the tourism office, 660-882-3967 and we'll help you find a copy.  And this month, remember to Buy local, Haunt local, GoBOOnville.