After 34 years of asking Carthage patients to “open wide,” Dr. Keith Hulfeld is retiring his dentistry practice.

After 34 years of asking Carthage patients to “open wide,” Dr. Keith Hulfeld is retiring his dentistry practice.

In July, Hulfeld enjoyed his last full day as a Carthage dentist at 301 E. Chestnut, but plans to remain part-time for a year to acquaint his cliental with his replacement, Dr. Brady Yost.

Hulfeld bids farewell
“It’s been a long, good career,” Hulfeld said. “I’ve had great patients – couldn’t have asked for better. We’ve enjoyed our lives here.”

When a dentist sets up shop, it’s usually for a long tenure. Hulfeld said when he moved to Carthage in 1979, he took over for Dr. Hilton, who had practiced dentistry in Carthage since the 1950s.

Now, he passes on a cliental of about 2,200 people.

“It went by so fast,” Hulfeld said. “It’s hard to believe – time goes on, and just like that, it’s over.”

Hulfeld, an Ohio native, graduated from University of Missouri – Kansas City school of dentistry.

He said he and his wife, Izzy, of 34 years, plan to travel and continue to live in Carthage.
“Carthage is a really nice, small town – good place to raise a family,” Hulfeld said. “It’s always been a great town, you get to know everybody – it’s like a mega congregation.”

Welcome Dr. Brady Yost
Dr. Hulfeld wanted his patients to know he was comfortable in choosing Dr. Yost to take over as the next long-tenured dentist.

“We made a good choice,” Hulfeld said. “We share similar personalities, same values, respect and treatment of the patients.”

Yost said he was grateful for that trust.

“I’m excited to get to that point where Dr. Hulfeld is now,” Yost said. “I’m excited to be in this community, so far we are very happy.”

Yost came to Carthage with his wife, Lizbeth, and three children. He graduated with his DDS from the Ohio State University in June of 2010, and practiced for three years in southeast Ohio.

“The first time my wife and I visited the area we were pleasantly surprised at how much Carthage felt like home,” Dr. Yost said. “Strong in our faith, we both felt that we were led to Carthage and that this is where the Lord would have us. It is this small hometown community that we look forward to raising our children. We both loved the instant feeling of a unified community where everyone knew their neighbors and were friends. We hope to continue to offer Carthage comfortable and kind dentistry.  We plan on continuing the services that Dr. Hulfeld has offered and introduce the latest in dental treatment. We look forward to watching our children grow up in the community and plan on being fully involved in their lives throughout school.”

“We look forward to carrying on that legacy,” Lizbeth added out of respect for Dr. Hulfeld. “It’s a great legacy.”