It's a fun and unique event for those who enjoy having their heads in the clouds.

It’s a fun and unique event for those who enjoy having their heads in the clouds.

Ernie and Alice Baugh, along with the Sho-Me Chute Flyer’s Club, will host the 14th Annual Fly-In Sept. 12-15 at Baugh Flight Park, in Reeds, Mo. There will be all kinds of aircraft keeping locals’ eyes looking up.

“If you’ve never been to a Fly-In, the powered parachutes are very colorful and exciting to see take off, and if you’re in the plane – it’s even more exciting,” Alice Baugh said, who is a sport pilot with her husband, Ernie. “We’ll have a gyrocopter giving rides, and it’s one of the newest models that is very safe. A plane, and crop dusters from Kingsley Airport will be here giving demonstrations, which will be just like an air show. And depending on the wind, we’ll have a hot air balloon.”

Something the kids always look forward to is the Candy Drop, which is exactly how it sounds.

“The kids get to line up, and the pilot will throw candy out in the field,” Alice said. “We make sure they’re safe from candy landing on them because that would hurt.”

This year, the event benefits a local non-profit organization, and this year the club chose Camp Quality.

Besides seeing thrilling aircraft and helping a good cause, those attending the event have the chance to meet the 40-45 pilots from many states. Some travel from as far away Arizona, Florida and Georgia. There will also be two food vendors and music for families to enjoy.
“It gets pretty hectic, but we do look forward to it every year,” Alice said. “It’s exciting and there’s a lot going on.”

Locals may come out during the day anytime Sept. 12-15 to see the aircraft, but pilots will be flying in the mornings and evenings. To get to the Baugh Flight Park, take Hwy 96 east of Carthage to County Road 70. (Look for signs.) Take 70 all the way to the dead end, and then take Incline Road east about a mile.