It had been 35 years since Larry Doty had his head shaved.

It had been 35 years since Larry Doty had his head shaved.

But when the assistant manager of Casey’s let one of the cashiers take a razor to his head, he knew it was for a good cause. Many employees of the Casey’s on Central gathered Saturday afternoon to see Larry’s special hair cut as a reward for surpassing their fundraising goal for the MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association).

“We were two weeks into it (fundraising) and we had only $240,” Doty said. “We’ve always done well at this store for the MDA and I thought we needed something to get us going … So I said, if you guys raise $800, I’ll shave my head – In seven days they raised the bucks.”

Through promoting a coupon deal through Casey’s, the staff of 22 people ended up raising a total of $867. Cashier Sandy Lamkin raised the most with about $340, winning her the honor of shaving Doty’s head on Saturday.

Before the haircut, the employees enjoyed some heckling time with Doty.

“Maybe it will grow back without any gray,” Doty said, running his fingers through is full head of hair.

“Or maybe it will grow back all gray!” an employee responded, sparking some laughter from the crowd.

All joking aside, the crew kept a Carthage girl in mind during this occasion. When fundraising for the MDA, the employees think of Shelby Shores, who is now a student at the Carthage Middle School.

“We always think of her, and wish she could have made it today, but it’s good to have a local face behind what you’re working for,” Doty said. “We have a wonderful crew here.”