A little help from a lot of kids is making a big difference.

A little help from a lot of kids is making a big difference.

Eight crews of about 12-15 kids each, led by adult volunteers, are reaching out into the Carthage community this week. Every summer, Fairview Christian Church’s Gary Fleischman organizes a week-long effort to help local citizens with chores they are unable to do for themselves. The effort is called God’s People Serving (G.P.S.).

Youth, of ages fourth grade through high school, spend the mornings helping out with chores like mowing, trimming, weeding and removing fallen limbs. Then they go swimming together in the afternoon.

Why do the kids do it?

“Because that’s God’s calling for us to do,” said Alli Dawson, 10.

“Because it’s fun,” said Mason Utter, 12. “It makes the community a better place.”

On Tuesday, one of the grateful citizens receiving this act of kindness was Irene VanGilder, 82.

“They need an honor because they’re working really hard,” she said, standing in a tidy front yard on Main Street.

Barbara Jefferson, an adult volunteer leader, said the kids get a lot out of the week-long effort too.

“They really are great kids,” she said. “They get joy out of doing this, and a real sense of pride when it’s all done.”