The Jasper County Youth Fair attracted the area's best cows, goats, pigs, chickens— and on Thursday — babies.

The Jasper County Youth Fair attracted the area's best cows, goats, pigs, chickens— and on Thursday — babies.

The “Beautiful Baby Contest” featured 30 babies, boys and girls, competing for titles such as cutest fair animal costume, cutest country attire, most hair, curliest hair, personality, and most teeth.

Families walked their babies into a large fenced area by category, ages ranging from 0-24 months.

Contestants posed for a picture and entertained the audience with smiles and costumes. Cindy Galardo, fair board secretary was the coordinator of the beautiful baby contest.

“It gets a nice crowd,” Galardo said. “Who doesn’t like cute babies?”

While the ages of the participants were a wide range, one took the crown of youngest baby.

Shayla and Jeff Moore of Carl Junction were proud to show off their daughter, Ember, who was born eight days prior to her debut at the fair.

“[It’s] exciting, I’m getting used to being a new dad,” said J. Moore moments before Ember appeared in front of the crowd. “We’re proud of her.”

All the babies were awarded for their adorable looks with a stuffed animal. Jasper County Fair Queen Jessica Chrisman presented the awards and handed out the stuffed animals.

Chrisman, who attends most fair’s events, was especially entertained by the young contestants.

“Working these shows and seeing these babies are fun,” she said. “They are adorable. No two shows are the same. Each one has its own special qualities.”
The event was attended by over 100 fairgoers.

All Contestants

0-3 Months Girls
Youngest Baby- Ember Moore of Carl Junction
Parents: Shayla and Jeff Moore
Cutest Country Attire- Zoiee Jo Lee
Parents: Chance and Stephanie Lee
Most Hair- Leah Murray of Carthage
Parents: Matt and Victoria Murray

0-3 Months Boys
All categories: Andrew Jon Rogers of Webb City
Parents: Marc and Heather Rogers

4-6 Months Girls
All categories: Gracie Price of Reeds
Parents: Kristen and Michael Price

4-6 Months Boys
Cutest smile & Country attire- Dannah Lee Wilder Grigg of Webb City
Parents: Mike and Shanna Grigg
Most hair- Hawk Linden of Joplin
Parents: Allen and Maegan Linden

7-11 Months Girls
Prettiest Smile and Cutest County Attire- Scarlett Neher of Jasper
Parents: Andy and Danielle Neher
Most Teeth and Most Hair- Madison Hartley of Webb City
Parents: Zack and Lindsey Hartley

7-11 Months Boys
Cutest Smile- Kassius Lombard
Parents: Amber and Caleb Lombard
Tie for Most Teeth- Drake Bloss and Kassius Lombard
Parents: Nathan and Katie Bloss and Amber and Caleb Lombard
Most hair-Gavin Hensley of Reeds
Parents: Josh and Laura Hensley
Tie for Cutest Country Attire- Miles Sommer of Airport Drive/Baylor Hensley of Carthage
Parents: Phylicia Robinson and James Sommer/Dutin Hensley

12-17 Months Girls
Prettiest Smile- Araylia Gilstrap of Diamond
Parents: Josh and Latrisha Gilstrap
Most teeth- Ray Ann Furrh of Carthage
Parents: Tom and Emily Furrh
Most hair- Ellise Beck
Parents: Tyler and Rebecca Beck
Cutest Fair Animal- Willow Lamb of Carthage
Parents: Tom and Emily Furrh
Tie for Cutest County Attire: Samantha Poe/Page Russell of Oronogo
Parents: Joel and Sarah Poe/Brandy and David Russell

12-17 Months Boys
No contestants