Two weeks of artistic fun are just around the corner.

Two weeks of artistic fun are just around the corner.

Every year, artCentral hosts “artCamp” at the Hyde House for local, young art enthusiasts. From July 15-26, kids aged 8-14 will enjoy hands-on experience in various mediums of art, learn about famous artists and techniques from professional local artists with the help of Sally Armstrong, director of artCentral.

“I would hope that kids would discover an interest in art through exploration, even if they are not ‘good or talented’ they can have fun and be creative,” Armstrong said. “We do not ask that they be gifted in art, just interested and willing! We still have spots in all classes, and a few classes need additional kids just to be large enough to be held so I would hope we get additional registrations this week.”

Interested parents can sign up kids even after the camp has started, especially for classes in the second week. Registrations need to be turned in to secure a spot in a class, one registration card per student, and these forms with cards can be found at the Carthage Library, Mother Road Coffee and the front porch at Hyde House.

The camp is held from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday through Friday. The cost is $35 a class, and that includes the supplies and materials to participate in that project. Registration and pre-payment is required.

Schedule for artCamp
Monday, July 15: “Clay Day, Funny Face Cylinders,” with Randy Wright. “Charcoal Drawing 101,” with Tom Jones. “Needle Felted Creatures,” with Beth Lawson.

Tuesday, July 16: “Fantasy Clay Creatures,” with Sean Fitzgibbon. “Mysterious Art World of Ancient Americas,” with Anne Marie Gailey. “Acrylic Painting 101,” with Tom Jones.

Wednesday, July 17: “Who’s Robert Rauchenberg?” with Sean Fitzgibbon. “Vincent’s Magical Wold of Landscape,” with Anne Marie Gailey. “Watercolor Painting 101,” with Tom Jones.

Thursday, July 18: “Chalkboard Paint Galore!” with Beth Lawson. “Bad Art!” with Kris Dunlap. “Color Field Sketchbook,” with Cheryl Church.

Friday, July 19: “Cardboard Craziness,” with Sean Fitzgibbon. “C’est Manifique!” with Anne Marie Gailey. “Tap Tap Tap & Wrap,” with Martha Goldman.

Monday, July 22: “Cuckoo for Clocks,” with Martha Goldman. “Flower Lady,” with Randy Wright.

Tuesday, July 23: “Sumi-E Resist Paintings,” with Cheryl Church. “Chinese Dragon Masks,” with Megan Hudson.

Wednesday, July 24: “Honey I Blew Up the Object,” with Megan Hudson. “Crushing on Russian Nesting Dolls,” with Martha Goldman.

Thursday, July 25: “Dancing on Paper,” with Kris Dunlap. “Fun with Crayons,” with Beth Lawson. “It’s a Yarn Bomb!” with Megan Hudson.

Friday, July 26: “Figure Sculpture,” with Randy Wright. “Scrimshaw Yupo Engraving,” with Cheryl Church.

Friday and Saturday, July 26-27: Fourth Annual Kid’s Camp Student Art Show on display around the Square during the Art Walk.