"Satan is a fair appearing fellow...." Milton

"People have no idea what their cat is thinking, but they are sure they have God all figured out."   Anon

In 1365 Chaucer wrote of the Friar and the Monk, the Summoner and the Pardoner.  They were clergy who were out to benefit themselves.  Men who were not faithful to their vows or their flocks.   Fifty years ago, when our clock radio turned on, the voice was asking for money in the name of God.  We still hear and see the charlatans on radio and TV, trying to pry money out of the listeners/watchers.  They publish books, go on tours, and get rich on fooling good people.  Last week we watched a documentary on Jim Jones and others who led their flocks to their deaths.  

Recently I overheard a woman say she was voting for a certain person because "he's a minister; he must be a good person...."  Has she not heard of the scandals involving clergy visiting prostistures of one gender or the other, or of clergy sexually abusing children?  

P. T. Barnum said, "There is a sucker born every minute."  Anyone willing to send money to a stranger or move away to a remote enclave of "believers" in the name of God, must be a sucker.  I feel safe in saying that person who claims to know all about what God wants for you, is more interested in transfering your money into his or her bank account than s/he is interested in your soul.  These characters prey on the weak, the ill, the distressed, the suffering.  They promise healing, riches, love.  They cannot deliver.  God cannot be bribed or manipulated.  

People need to question, to be autonomous, to THINK, to seek wisdom--- the Will of God.  Remember the prayer, "not MY will, but Thine.

"Animals have these advantages over man:  they have no theologians to instruct them, their funerals cost them nothing, and no one starts lawsluits over their wills.   Voltaire