A local family showed their support for their father in special way in June.

A local family showed their support for their father in special way in June.

Long-time Carthage resident, Dave McCoy, has participated in the Missouri State Senior Games in Columbia, Mo., for many years and holds several state records. His son, Mike, and son-in-law, Jeff Bryant, have participated in the games with him, but over the years, Dave has requested all of his five children to join him.

“He even declared this dream to be on his ‘bucket list,’” Jeff said.

Then last fall, Dave, 81, was diagnosed with cancer and the family knew he had a difficult battle ahead. For Christmas his kids decided it was time to make one of Dave's dreams come true.

“They presented him with matching family T-shirts and a commitment that all of them would compete in the senior games with him this year,” Jeff said.

Throughout Dave's 44 radiation treatments, he kept looking forward to this summer's games telling his doctors ‘you need to get me well so I can compete in the senior games with my kids this summer.’

On June 14-15, the family followed through with their promise. Dave and his wife, Betty, of 61 years this August, all five of their children [Debi (Morgan), Karen (Maynard), Keith, Mike and Cheryl (Bryant)] and Jeff competed in the games.

“I wasn’t even sure if I was going to make it, but God prepared it all and we had a wonderful time,” Dave said. “It was just awesome.”

Together, the family received more than 50 medals.

“We especially enjoyed the 800m prediction walk where we all were able to participate together as a family,” Jeff said. “Dave has always encouraged his children, and anyone else who will listen, to enjoy life, stay active, play and participate,” Jeff said. “He has inspired many, and he is truly a wonderful family man.”

Dave’s last treatment was in February, and he is reported to be doing very well. He said he is looking forward to the Show-Me Games later this month in Columbia, Mo.