If you have an interest for anything creative, Ian Coday says “go for it.”

If you have an interest for anything creative, Ian Coday says “go for it.”

Local artist and long-time supporter of artCentral, Martha Goldman, encouraged her significant other, Ian, to paint. Even with a creative eye and artistic background, Ian says he had to be persuaded to even try painting – let alone submit a piece to the Annual Membership Show of artCentral at Hyde House.

But he did. And now he has a new hobby.

“I was always fearful of painting,” Ian said. “There’s a lot of layering, and you can’t erase, but Martha pushed me and I said, ‘why not?’” Now I love it. If you have a feel to do anything creative, feel open-minded about it, and give it a shot. You’d be surprised what you can do – but the most important thing is to enjoy it. If you’re not enjoying it, what’s the point?”

Ian submitted (technically the second) painting he’s ever done to the art show, which kicked off in June and lasts through July 7. He painted a resemblance of a photo he took of a friend, who posed like an advertisement for Shiner Bock for fun.

Ian also enjoys photography, and is the IT manager of KSN/KODE. He holds degrees in theater and film.
Originally from a dairy farm in Elsmore, Kan., Ian traveled to and lived in Arizona and Montana. He met and fell in love with Martha in 2004, and they survived the May 22, 2011 Joplin tornado together at their home at 26th and Joplin streets.

Today, they live on a 10-acre home in Fidelity.

“We’re doing great,” Ian said. “Friends and strangers came out of the blue and have helped us a lot. It’s been a strange and miraculous time … We’ve had wisdom-building experiences.”