She just doodles … but this time, her doodle was liked by Google.

She just doodles … but this time, her doodle was liked by Google.

Every year, Angel Ambrosius encourages her students at the Carthage Middle School to enter the “Doodle for Google” contest in which students' art could be featured on the Internet search engine. For the first time, a Carthage student was named a finalist in the state of Missouri.

Saige Haddock, a fifth grader, who only considers art only a fun hobby, submitted her doodle and out of 130,000 contestants nationally, she was one of the state finalist in a group of 250 nationwide. In her fourth and fifth grade category, Saige chose her design based on her dream to become a paleontologist. She drew a scene with the word “Google” is spelled out in dinosaur skeletons.

“A lot of people don't know what I mean when I say 'paleontology,' so I just tell them I want to dig up dinosaur bones,” Saige said with a smile. “I drew the first 'G' like a T-rex bending back, the second 'G' was a snake skeleton, the 'L' was a shovel, and I thought a duckbill dinosaur would be perfect because their eyes look like 'E' openings.”

The Haddock family found out Wednesday that Saige's art was one of the finalists.

“My mom asked me how my day was, and I was like 'fine,'” Saige said of the happy moment. “And my mom was like 'well, it's about to get a lot more exciting – it's not just an ordinary day.”
The Haddocks are pleased to say the least.

“This is truly a great accomplishment for someone so young who just loves art and has wonderful teachers who support her in this passion of hers,” said Saige's mother, Brandi Haddock.