Carthaginian Nancy Dymott considers herself lucky.

Carthaginian Nancy Dymott considers herself lucky.

She was in Boston on Monday to watch her daughter, Jean Ann Dymott, an emergency room surgeon from Dallas, run in the Boston Marathon, but Jean Ann finished the race several minutes before two bombs exploded at the finish line.

“We were in our hotel by 2:50 when the explosions happened,” Nancy Dymott said in a telephone interview with The Carthage Press Monday afternoon. “I'm grateful I'm here through. I would be going crazy until I found out my daughter was safe if I wasn't.”

According to the Associated Press, two bombs detonated on a sidewalk about 100 yards apart from each other near the finish line for the 117th running of the Boston Marathon.

Two people were killed, including an eight-year-old boy, and more than 100 people were injured.
Nancy and Jean Ann Dymott are staying at the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston.

Nancy Dymott said they didn't hear the explosions and it was several minutes before they knew something had happened.

She said the two could hear “an excessive number” of ambulances, going by on the street, so they knew something had happened, but didn't know what.
While her daughter was taking a shower, Nancy Dymott went to the hotel's business center to print out her airline tickets.

“I saw a lady who was trying to use her cell phone and I noticed she was shaking,” Nancy Dymott said. “I told her I had had trouble getting a cell phone signal in the hotel myself and she said 'You haven't heard what happened, have you.'”

The woman told Nancy Dymott about the explosions and Nancy went back to her room to watch a local television station for information.

Nancy said all but one member of the group Jean Ann was running with finished the marathon before the explosions. The one remaining member was slowed by an injury and didn't get to finish the race, but he was unharmed.

Nancy Dymott said the subways had been shut down, meaning they couldn't get to the airport without hiring a large cab. She said they've been told to expect checking in at the airport to be slower because of increased security.