It's not intended to offend – just capture attention and raise funds to fight cancer.

It's not intended to offend – just capture attention and raise funds to fight cancer.

The “Flush Cancer Goodbye!” fundraiser is available to anyone to send to the front yards of friends, family, co-workers, etc., to benefit the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life, hosted by the local Team Mike (Mike Evans). For $20, citizens are invited to send the purple commode to a local yard for three days.

For those who wake to find the toilet in their yard and wish it to disappear earlier may pay $10 donation. There is a “Potty Protection” fee to keep the toilet from visiting your home.

“This is a trial run,” said Kirsten Kelley, one of the organizers for the first-time fundraiser. “Hopefully it'll go over well and raise awareness. I think it will, I think it will turn into a rivalry and people will enjoy it. It's bright purple – you can't miss it. But mostly, I hope we can spread the awareness that even though we aren't in the medial field, we are working hard to find a cure for cancer.”

To send the “Flush Cancer Goodbye” potty, or for more information, contact Kirsten at 417-793-9681.
Coming Up for Team Mike
• A rummage sale has been set for April 20 at 900 Oak St., in Carthage with all proceeds going to Relay for Life. 
• Fridays are “ribbon day” at Daylight Donut.  For complete information on this, contact Debbie Evans.
• For those who wish to show their support may purchase “Kickin' Cancer” T-shirts, flower headbands, tote bags and luminaries.
• Sha is the team captain for Team Mike. For more information about more fundraisers coming up, she may be reached at 417-793-9917.