New signs make lighthouse steps climb safer

The Mark Twain Memorial Lighthouse now has signs making sure climbers are aware of vehicular traffic.

The Hannibal Park Board asked at its last meeting for the signs.

The Mark Twain Memorial Lighthouse sits atop Cardiff Hill. The 244 steps leading up to the lighthouse start at the Tom & Huck statue at Main and North Streets.

The first series of steps lead to the Cardiff Hill Overlook and the second series of steps lead to Rock Street. Signs now designate it is a pedestrian crossing. Pedestrians walking up the steps will see a “Watch for Traffic” sign.

Andy Dorian, Hannibal Parks & Recreation director, said, “We want people to climb the steps and see the lighthouse, but safety is our first concern.”

An informational storyboard about the history of the lighthouse was installed late last year.

The lighthouse steps are the sight of the upcoming Shine a Light on Autism Lighthouse Challenge April 20. It is similar to a race but take participants up the lighthouse steps. Climbers can participate in a timed event or complete the steps at their own pace.