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By Christine Smith
March 29, 2013 12:01 a.m.

I spoke with someone who recently pointed out that my professional responsibilities - Marketing, Technology, Admissions and Communication - seemed an odd combination. And while my role does require an often disparate array of knowledge, perspective and expertise, I think about sitting in a meeting with my departmental colleagues are all seated around me...and I see a complete team.
Think about the conversations that can take place at our roundtable. We know that our communication styles have changed dramatically within the last ten years thanks to technology. This has poured a tremendous amount of information into the hands of marketing people who are now able to reach consumers at an individual level. Great, right? We can communicate with and market to more people in a much easier way!
With options comes complication. Every new avenue of communication requires a filter. A strategy. (The terms "relevant, high quality content" haunt mar-comm professionals in their sleep!) And yes, we have more marketing options than ever, but our budgets are still the same. We have to choose the best of the best for US as we manage its performance in real-time.
As educators, we are also responsible for the selection of appropriate technology to enhance a child's learning experience as we prepare him to be a productive, responsible digital native. (Just because you can share your feelings and photos with a few keystrokes doesn't mean that you should.)
So as I examine the team assembled before me, it in many ways represents the challenge presented by the massive changes that pervade interpersonal and mass communication, education and business. These elements are converging at a rapid pace. Like it or not, educators, professionals and parents must be ready to guide our children, students and companies through the fray.
If you are interested in the discussion about these issues (and don't mind reading the occasional cute story about preschool-aged children), then stay tuned.

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