Carthage’s city staff deserves accolades for a couple of reasons.

Carthage’s city staff deserves accolades for a couple of reasons.

First, we had some rough weather over the past week, with sleet and ice on Feb. 21, a snow storm that brought over three inches of heavy wet snow to the city on Feb. 26.

After each storm, Carthage’s street department did a good job clearing the city’s streets for traffic in a timely manner.

When the snow is falling, streets are prioritized, with the main roads getting the bulk of the attention, and secondary and residential streets being treated as time allows.

It means that some residential streets have snow and slush on them long after the main streets are cleared.

The city has over 200 miles of streets and within 24 hours of the first storm, street crews had plowed all the main streets and were working on the secondary streets.

It was even faster with the second storm, which didn’t last as long.
Street crews were plowing secondary streets by mid-afternoon of Tuesday, the day the storm ended.

It’s a tough job for a small crew with fewer than a dozen vehicles, but they did their job well.

Council members and other officials at Tuesday’s city council meeting were effusive in their praise of the city’s street department and its work during this storm.

Also, at Tuesday’s City Council meeting, CPA Andy Marmouget, with accounting firm of Davis, Lynn and Moots, presented the annual audit of the city’s books.

Marmouget said his firm gave the city a “clean” audit, which is the best it could receive. He also noted that there were no “material weaknesses” in either internal controls of the city’s money, nor there was there any “non-compliance with any laws or regulations or contracts or grants.”
Keeping the city’s books, with their myriad of funds and funding sources and rules, some requiring varying levels of monitoring, is a complicated task. Marmouget himself said its not often that his staff can give a completely clean audit to a city.

Kudos to City Clerk Lynn Campbell and her staff for maintaining the city’s books and to the rest of the city staff for running a taught ship as far as finances are concerned.