A current deputy city clerk in Carthage has been tabbed to take over as city clerk in Nevada.

A current deputy city clerk in Carthage has been tabbed to take over as city clerk in Nevada.

Bev Baker, a deputy city clerk in Carthage for the past three years, will take over on Friday in Nevada City Hall.

Carthage City Clerk Lynn Campbell made the announcement, with Baker at her side, at Tuesday’s Carthage City Council meeting.

“We’re all very happy for here and I’m excited to have had her in my organization,” Campbell said at the council meeting.

Baker, who has volunteered as co-chair of the Carthage Chamber of Commerce’s Maple Leaf planning committee for the past two years.
She worked in banking for 30 years before starting at city hall in what was then a temporary position. She grew up in the Jasper area.

“All of the clerks in my office are deputy clerks, but her title specifically was accounts receivable,” Campbell said. “She records the revenues and helps in the courts. She’s involved in all of the business licensing, dog and cat licensing. Licensing is a big part of her job.”

Baker said she liked her job in Carthage, but she had been looking for another job for a while.

“I applied for the job in Nevada several months ago,” Baker said. “They kept in touch with me all through the process and a week ago Sunday the Mayor called me. When I realized it was the mayor, I thought this has to be good. I don’t think he’d call me on Sunday with something negative.”

Baker said she’s spent her entire working career in Carthage so she’s definitely stepping outside her comfort zone.

“It will be a huge change for me, going somewhere where I don’t really know anybody,” Baker said. “I’ve been very involved with the Chamber and different civic groups and that’s something Nevada wants me to do up there as well, to be involved in the community, so I look forward to meeting people and the citizens of Nevada.”

Campbell said she’s proud to have someone from her office taking over in city hall in another community.

“We had mixed emotions about her going,” Campbell said. “We’re excited about her getting the position, but then we are going to miss her. We’re very happy for her; she’ll do an amazing job. She’s qualified and has a great personality. I’m so proud of her. She’ll do an excellent job.”
Baker said it will be tough leaving Carthage “I’m not that far away so I will be back.”

“I was the co-chair of the Maple Leaf Committee, and I had to resign from that, but I will definitely be back on Maple Leaf, can’t miss that,” Baker said. “It’s going to be difficult to leave, but I am very excited about the opportunity I’m getting there.”