Shelby's Adventures continue as a fun benefit approaches.

Shelby's Adventures continue as a fun benefit approaches.

On Saturday, the community will come together for a Carthage 10-year-old named Shelby Shores. She has lived with a rare form of muscular dystrophy since she was born. Her mother, Clarice, also lives with a form of the disease, but together, are facing it with the encouragement of family, friends and neighbors. A basketball game between KSN / KODE staff and Carthage R-9 faculty has been set as a fundraiser to help the family pay travel expenses to Toronto, Canada to see Neurologist Dr. Ronald Cohn.

“As of right now we will be traveling to Toronto yearly, but Shelby has constant care from Dr. Cohn via email,” Clairice said. “When Dr. Cohn tells you he is just an email away, he means it. This doctor responds to emails on holidays, weekends, at ten at night, you name it. And usually within the hour. And the amazing part is we have not paid this an a dime. He provides his services for free. He has a huge heart for his patients.”

This isn't the first time the Carthage community and surrounding area has shown Shelby support.

“My husband and I are very grateful to our community for all the love and support that the community has shown Shelby,” Clarice said. “When the thought came to have a basketball game none of us that are involved in the creating process ever thought this event would get as big as it has become.  There are people that I have never met that has contacted us and offered to help. I have been stopped at Walmart by a total stranger just to give me money to help Shelby. My bosses have been awesome too. Anytime I need to help Shelby, they have just been awesome about it. Shelby is truly blessed and loved by this community.”
Shelby's life, though full of love and support, is full of frustrations. She fatigues in both her legs and hands, and must use a scooter to travel and a laptop to help her with her school work. However, she faces every day with a positive attitude and inspires those around her.

“ I have been told by my husband's boss that whenever his shoulder hurts or he has an ache, he thinks about how Shelby must be feeling,” Clarice said. “I have been told by teachers at Carthage Middle School that they noticed at the beginning of the school year how students would look at Shelby coming down the hall or when she would enter. I was told that Shelby would just keep on going. As the year has gone on, now the teachers tell me that she fits in with everyone. She is another kid at the school. The teachers and staff admire her strength to go on. As Shelby says 'that's how I roll!'”

Doors at the Carthage Middle School will open at 1 p.m. Saturday for the basketball game that starts at 2 p.m. Tickets cost $5 for adults, $3 for kids and children two and under are free.

Anyone wishing to make a donation can do so at any Arvest Bank, and just inquire about Shelby Shores' account.

A Thank You
“On behalf of our family, we are forever grateful to our community, Children's Miracle Network, family and loved ones for helping us send Shelby to Toronto, Canada. My husband. Chris. is a very hard-working man. He was prepared to take on as much overtime as he could to make sure this trip happened. With the communities' help this will relieve some of that stress. We can actually spend time with Chris without the worry of the trip not happening – be a family.
I would love to encourage the community to "like" Shelby's Adventures on Facebook. I journal about Shelby's events she attends, MDA camp and her trip to see Dr Cohn in Toronto, and just day to day life.
Also please check out Shelby's event page on Facebook, "Shelby's Adventures Benefit Basketball Game, KSN/KODE verses CARTHAGE SCHOOLS FACULTY." There are going to be Branson get-away packages, Tiger Sanctuary tickets, an autographed and framed Duck Dynasty poster will be raffled off along with several other great items. The event will be emceed by KSN's Hank Rotten Jr., Howie and Bubba from the Wake Up. Pies and baked goods will be auctioned off during half time.
This is going to be a very family friendly event. We want everyone to feel like they had a great afternoon and helped a special young lady as well!”