Let's build business in the Hannibal region by asking.

One of the most powerful tools that we frequently forget to use is the personal invitation. The award winning 50 Miles of Art project started with a simple invitation to artists to move to Hannibal and make this their base of operation. Look what has happened. Creative based businesses have about doubled. Artists have sold homes in Seattle, Los Angeles and New York and purchased a home and business with money left over to renovate and rebuild homes and businesses in Hannibal. All because we asked them to move here.

Look at what we have to offer:
• Centrally located in the US
• Great transportation availability with road, rail and river
• Low taxes (compare nationally and you'll agree)
• Safe place to raise your kids
• Midwestern work ethic
• Midwestern heart and hospitality
• Low cost of living
• Within two hours drive to major metropolitan areas

So let's ask those businesses we want to move here. Let's look at what we want and let's ask.